Health, Self-Care


Hi everyone!

So tonight I felt like having some dessert after dinner. And I don’t  just mean a cute, dainty little frozen banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter and honey on the side – I mean a REAL, DAMN dessert. I went with pie, because why not.

And I ate a bite of this apple pie, and it just wasn’t that great, so I threw it away. But that pumpkin cheesecake that my sister made for Thanksgiving, WOW that really was delicious. And so I cut myself a good sized piece of it. And I have no regrets! My abs are still visible, my skin is still clear, and I do not weigh over 200 pounds despite the indulgence. I am learning more and more that a healthy diet has more to do with BALANCE than anything else. Restriction is complete BS. It does not work. I can eat the same exact diet as someone who is restricting him or herself a lot, but the difference is in the fact that I do not BELIEVE that I am restricting myself, therefore it is a healthy balance. I barely eat any carbs or sugar or gluten or anything like that usually, but the important thing is that I am not actively avoiding those food groups. I simply choose not to eat them. That, essentially, is the secret to a healthful life! Be healthy, but do it on your own terms! I eat healthy because it makes me feel strong and happy and beautiful. It makes me feel happy because I know that putting wholesome foods into my body will help me to ultimately live longer! And that is all that I need to say. That is all that matters. Don’t think about how one bite of a cookie will impact you. In the long run, exercise and healthful eating are the keys to longevity as well as sustainable sources of energy. But this is not to say that some indulgences are not okay. In fact, we absolutely must indulge every once and awhile, for that is the only way to stay sane! That is how we keep that balance! Hence my delicious date with pumpkin cheesecake this evening. I have no regrets, for I know that my healthy eating balances out my sweet cravings, and I enjoying that dessert tonight made me very happy, and in the end, isn’t that all we are striving for here as human beings? Happiness!


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