People often ask me where I get my motivation to work out and to eat clean. In all honesty, that motivation for me is not always there! I love brownies, cookies, and ice cream just like everyone else! For me, working out is equally mental as it is physical. Once one starts working out on a regular basis, endorphins become something that the body craves – in a sense, getting “addicted” to working out is a bit inevitable! My main message to you is this: it DOES NOT always have to be intense! As long as I sweat once a day, I feel good. This does not have to mean going on a 6 mile run each day or going to some high intensity workout class! Sweating once a day can be as simple as hopping on the stationary bike for 30 minutes while indulging in your favorite TV show, or going to a quick hot yoga class, or even just doing a quick blast of push ups to get your blood flowing. If you can make time for a solid workout each day, then awesome! Good for you! But for me, I know that simply is not a realistic goal. I am a student, daughter, athlete, singer — there are many things going on in my life, and so sneaking in a super speedy workout has become an expert skill of mine. Drop down anywhere and do 20 pushups! While sitting on the ground for your next class to start, who says that you can’t do some Russian twists? Staying active is pretty simple so long as you make time for it; even just 10 minutes a day of doing something, (ANYTHING really!) can make all the difference for your mental and physical health! At the end of the day, sweat makes me happy. Find the type of exercise makes you happy and make sure to do that thing every single day, even if it is for a super short period of time! Anything is better than nothing! In my eyes, if you do one pushup, you are still going to be stronger than the person who did 0 pushups. The smallest of steps can lead to the largest of changes. Put aside all your other commitments for just a few minutes each day and do something that makes your endorphins smile 🙂

No change can come without small, simple steps


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