Halo Top Ice Cream – My Take


When living a healthy lifestyle, one commonly accepted fact is that ice cream ≠ health. Yes, we love to indulge in ice cream every once and a while, but it is pretty widely agreed upon that if one were to eat nothing but ice cream for days at a time, it would lead to nothing but weight gain and sugar highs.

So when I heard about the “halo top diet,” I of course was instantly intrigued! Eating protein packed ice cream that is low in sugar? Could someone actually do this to reach fitness goals?

For those unfamiliar with Halo Top, it is a brand of “healthy” ice cream found in most health grocery foods stores nowadays. I absolutely LOVE halo top. It is creamy, rich, and true to the taste of real ice cream, but without all of the sugar and calories. They boast their “250 calories per pint” slogan and it remains a mystery to me how they achieve such a delicious flavor with none of the regular gunk of normal ice cream.


The flavors are boundless – oatmeal cookie, lemon cake, strawberry, mocha chip, vanilla bean, cookies and cream, etc. etc.

As I got my wisdom teeth out this Tuesday, I thought it might be fun to try a modified version of the “Halo Top Diet.” I was not hardcore enough to try and nothing but ice cream for several days, but I did replace two meals with a pint of Halo Top the first day after getting my wisdom teeth out. At first, it was amazing! Ice cream for lunch? Ice cream for dinner? Sign me up!!! The best part about Halo Top is that it is not overwhelmingly sweet, yet it still perfectly satisfies one’s ice cream cravings. I was in so much pain from my surgery, so ice cream was pretty much one of the only things that could make my mouth feel better, as the cold delicious sweetness would numb my mouth as I ate it.

The next morning, however, I was not feeling my best. Perhaps it was a mixture of only having consumed sugary foods the day before, or perhaps it was that the drugs were only just starting to wear off, but I was struck with horrible migraines throughout the entire day.

My body was craving chicken and meat and cheese and normal foods. As I continue with my recovery, my plan is to fuel myself with lots of green smoothies and eat as many vegetables as possible.

I have come to the conclusion that as far as ice creams go, Halo Top is healthy, but it should most definitely not be considered a main food group for anyone!


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