This is a quick and easy ab workout that I try to do every day. It takes less than 5 minutes and can be easily done right in the morning when you wake up, or right when before you go to sleep (for those of you who prefer the procrasination way of life!) Try to complete all the core exercises with minimal rest in between. Feel free to use a medicine ball while doing the Russian twists! 6 lbs or 8 lbs is a good starting weight.

Ab Workout #1

10 slow pushups to begin

20 regular crunches

20 bicycle crunches

30 Russian twists (with a bocce ball is even better!)

2o leg lifts

20 regular crunches

20 left side crunches /20 right side crunches

30 more Russian twists

20 V-Ups (aka rower sit ups)

1 minute plank (You can also switch it up and do 30 sec. center plank, 30 sec. right side plank, and 30 sec. left side plank)

You can repeat this cycle as many times as you want. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you are doing enough reps of each exercise until you feel a good burn, so if 20 isn’t enough to make that happen, try all the exercises with 30 reps!


Ab Workout #2

20 Russian twists

20 Low Criss Cross Legs (lying down on your back with legs straight out, cross the left over the right and then vice versa. That’s one rep. Do 20)

20 Criss Cross Legs Up and Down (Same thing as above, but have your legs move up and down)

20 Eagle Crunches (Cross one knee over the other. Bring legs up to chest while simultaneously lifting up chest to the knees.)

20 Russian twists

20 Rower Crunches

20 penguins

20 mountain climbers – 10 fast, 10 slow

30 sec front plank

30 sec right side plank

30 sec left side plank

1 minute front plank


Ab Workout #3

This is a core workout that I first learned from my track coach! It has a couple moves in there that I REALLY don’t like (such as the Superman) but hey, fitness is all about challenging yourself and getting uncomfortable, right! 🙂

I modified the workout a bit to fit the amount of time that I felt was adequate to FEEL THAT BURN!!!!

2 minutes front plank


1 minute right side plank


1 minute left side plank

10 seconds rest (because the hardest move in my opinion is coming right up!)

1 minute superman

1 minute on the clock: do as many perfect form, military style pushups as you can

1 minute V-Sit

1 minute Side to Side forearm planking with hip dips: begin in a forearm plank, then dip your hips from left, to center, to right, to center, to left, and repeat.

You did it!

What are my favorite online workout videos?

Lately, my go-to workout videos have been from Blogalaties! Casey Ho is the queen of Pop-Pilates; a workout term that she coined herself that essentially means pilates workouts that don’t require any commitment – just you and the mat. My favorite videos of hers are the ones that have a full 30-45 minute workout. The 1,000 rep squat challenge and the 1,000 rep ab challenge are my go-tos. (Try them back to back for an added challenge! ;))

The 1,000 rep challenges may sound super intimidating but I swear they’re not! They go by really fast and it’s so much fun to feel like you accomplished a large goal! She has such great energy and talks you through the entire workout.